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Baltimore Local Property Management Services by Baltimore Village

Do you own a property in Baltimore, Maryland and you are struggling to get tenants or maintaining them in good shape? Whether you have rental or commercial properties, you should consider engaging a professional local property management company like Baltimore Village.

Our company has a team of professional property managers who are willing to take the burden off your shoulders by managing your properties in a professional manner for a guaranteed high rental property returns.

Baltimore Village property Management Company specializes in the following local property management services;

  • Leasing And Marketing Of Rental Properties

Baltimore Village employs different marketing strategies both online and local to showcase your property to as many potential tenants as possible. We have a pool of experienced real estate marketers with vast experience in marketing and leasing of rental properties.

  • Property Cleaning Services

Cleaning items

We also offer professional cleaning services on both rental properties and Co-living units. When your property is clean, it will easily attract a new tenant easily and that’s why Baltimore Village is dedicated to ensuring that your properties are always attractive. You can request for our cleaning services either before, during or even after move-in.

  • Rental Property Turnover

If there has been a recent eviction or move out in any of your property, Baltimore Village will help you with the renovation works. We have partnered with reliable and experienced contractors who will be able to give your property a new and smart look and make it ready for the next tenant.

Our terms are flexible and we deliver within the agreed timeline or even earlier.

  • Rental Eviction And Tenant Screening Services

Not all individuals are good tenants, that’s why we put a lot of emphasis on screening tenants to ensure that we have rented out your properties to honest and reliable tenants only.

When it comes to the eviction of tenants from your properties we also help property owners in Baltimore. 

Our experienced managers will walk with you in every step and guide you accordingly when preparing your rental case. As Baltimore Village, we can also be your agent in court so as to ensure everything works perfectly.

  • Rental Inspection Services

Repairman and customer shake hands, handyman

According to the laid out structures, any property owner in Baltimore must ensure that their property is inspected by a Maryland Licensed Home Inspector. Once he has inspected your home, he will therefore, hand over to you a dully filled inspection form which you will then forward to the Baltimore City for a rental license.

At Baltimore Village, we take such stress out of you and handle every process for you so that you can concentrate on other key roles.

  • Rental Collection Services

House model on cash stack closeup

We are dedicated to collecting monthly rental payments and to deliver to your account safely and on time. We are also committed to ensuring that we maintain healthy tenant relationships at all time for a cordial co-existence.

At Baltimore Village, we work with transparency and honesty in all our dealings to ensure that both tenants and investor’s interests are protected.

We are committed to bringing out the optimum value to your real estate investments in Baltimore by offering quality and unique local property management services.

Talk to us today and let Baltimore Village be your reliable local management partner that will grow your real estate investments to greater heights.

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Baltimore Local Property Management Services by Baltimore Village
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