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We answer some of the most common questions about property management with Baltimore Village.

Determining rent?

Management compares a market analysis of all other available listings near your Baltimore rental property. With metrics on properties rent and where we make accurate estimates. Co-living properties use a per room metric.

Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden Fees. All services are listed as stated on Customers statements and estimates. Notification is provided in case of police and operation changes affecting your service.

Are there Fees on Vacant Houses?

If you don’t profit why should we? We will not charge any management fees on any vacant Baltimore managed properties.

Whats your Experience?

Backed by 3 generations of real estate investors and rental property management. We take an honest approach to working with landlords and tenants to provide quality service supported by Communication, partnerships, and technology.

Am I required to sell with you?

You are not required to sell your home with us. We can provided you with a great recommendation list for your property but you are free to sell your Baltimore rental property with any agent.

Direct Deposit for Owners?

We provide a variety of delivery methods for landlords including direct deposit, mail, money order, bitcoin, PayPal, etc

Active Investors?

Baltimore Village property management currently is a firm investor in the west of Baltimore City and other various neighborhoods through the city.

Baltimore Inspections?

We provide Inspection service for all our landlords. Basic inspection of Videos and pictures or Baltimore city rental Inspection Service,

Mark-up on repairs?

No, with our in house Maintenance team we work to keep your maintenance cost as low as possible and negotiate large projects for you.

Rent Collection Methods?

Baltimore Village property management works with tenants to best collect rent, we promote the use of online payment for timely, easy and consistent rent payment but collect any method available to secure landlords rent.

Cancelation policy?

We like the choice to choose who we work with and we know you do to, Never get locked into a contract you can’t escape. We don’t have those at Baltimore Village our service will speak for itself.

Vacancy time?

The average house vacancy is around 2-4 weeks for rent ready homes. Some homes require a special tenant and may take extended periods of time or different rental strategies to lease.


Baltimore Village property management advertises your rental property in a variety of different manners. From online listing, social media, and local marketing.

Eviction warranty?

A few companies, such as Baltimore village will offer eviction warranty. It is only a small fee, but it will give you major coverage should you need to evict a tenant.

Power in lease agreement?

(Special zoning only) we give control over certain aspects of their rental property lease. We know each Baltimore rental property is special and there are things that need to be emphasized in certain buildings.

Co-living Legality?



202.2.14 Units occupied or designed or intended to be occupied by individuals who, even though they might share common areas and facilities, do not form a single housekeeping unit and do not provide compensation under a single lease for occupancy of the rooming house… More

Screening requirements?

We screen each applicant for court and residential history to learn their rental background, applicants with judgments in the last 2 years are ineligible for renting property. We take eviction history very seriously in Baltimore.

Portfolio Visits?

Your can check your property unlimited times 24/7 with use of our online portal for Owners and Tenants

We have three simple plans that cover a range of services and fees.

Baltimore Village Cost of management.

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